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Redd Judge Solo Play: Junk in the Trunk

Hello! Back again with more Redd Judge solo play. Hopefully you’re enjoying reading this series as much as I am playing and making it! Today we’re running a case from Case Files 001 and we are also using my new supplement Solo Shift for the oracling. I’ve had so much fun I just needed to create stuff for the game. Definitely making a case file supplemennt! Let’s get to the action.

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Welcome to another adventure of Judge Havel! This is a solo series where we play as a judge in the Redd Judge system by my friend Felbrigg. We’re also going to be using the Scarlet Heroes general oracle. All text in [brackets] will be game mechanics related. “Control this is Havel. Responding to the code: 130 on Okaley Parker Block.” Havel’s comms cut out, the roar of his bike replacing it in his ears.

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