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Design Diary 2: The Spellist

Hello! It’s May already?? Damn time flies! I have been hard at work with life and the projects I talked about in the 2023 update. I am hoping to get one of the two OSR classes out by June. It will be The Grenadier, as I have the art and general class design done and just need to do layout. The meat of this blog post is spells for Project 3d6 Fantasy!

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In the middle of January I decided to start a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign with one of my gaming groups. We had previously played Cyberpunk Red and had a fun time but I wanted to try out the grittier and deadlier 2020. I also like the Retrofuturism of 2020 more than the too clean scifi kind of look that Red has. As usual, all DTRPG links are affiliates and I hope you enjoy!

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