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Design Diary 1: First Playtests

Hello! Man, end of January already. Time flies when you’re having fun and busy as hell. I got to do 2 playtests of 3d6 Fantasy this month and the game changed a lot for the better! Gameplay changes This is the important/fun bits so I will start off with them. Saves Initially I wanted an ad-hoc save system for 3d6 Fantasy. It used Save vs Traps, Save vs Magic and Save vs Death with no attribute modifiers and each class had it’s own Save number and got bonuses depending on the class.

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Campaign Catchup 1: The Amalin Campaign

Hello! Welcome to the first Campaign Catchup. The purpose of these posts is to catch you all up with my games in a somewhat concise format. This is for The Amalin Campaign, a Basic Fantasy RPG campaign that takes place in the world of Amalin. This post will cover their first adventure, and a bit of their second for a total of around 5 sessions. The Party No’nac Sslag - Elf Magic-User

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