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Call of Cthulu Play Report: The Haunted House

Intro When I played this it was still October which meant more Call of Cthulu! Was hoping to finish this writeup before the end of spooky month but y’know the best laid plans of mice and DM’s and all that. This time it is a play report from my usual Friday Night Group which has 3 whole players who aren’t me! They donned their investigator hats, and their pencils and dove into Boston in 1925 to investigate an old haunted house.

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Hello! It’s October so it’s only appropriate to run some Call of Cthulu. I’m running 4th edition, as I had a pdf on my harddrive. THe latest edition is 7th however, and you can get it from Drivethrurpg using my affiliate Enough preamble, time to dive in! Charlie lights a cigarette as the bus pulls into Jenning, Vermont. He grabs his suitcase and steps into the street. “Let’s see..Ah yeah. May’s Diner.

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