Cyberpunk 2020 Play Report: The Wild Things Drug Bust

In the middle of January I decided to start a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign with one of my gaming groups. We had previously played Cyberpunk Red and had a fun time but I wanted to try out the grittier and deadlier 2020. I also like the Retrofuturism of 2020 more than the too clean scifi kind of look that Red has.

As usual, all DTRPG links are affiliates and I hope you enjoy!

The Concept

The players all work for/with Geneva, who is a media running a media outlet. They specialize in pirate video feeds and send out Screamsheets to advertise for their feeds. Their tagline is “The Dirty Facts” and they specialize in getting you the info the corpos won’t show.

They live and work from the Bayview Condos in Old Downtown.

Channel 69 Logo

The Edgerunners

Geneva - The fearless leader, face, and editor of Channel 69. She hires the other characters to assist her. She may not be great with a gun but she can talk her way out of anything and use her Media cred to get access to info not available to any ol punk.

Chad Wolfe - Cop, specifically the security and HOA enforcer of Bayview Condos. He get’s half off his rent for his job. No one leaves trash or breaks into the condos while he’s around. Fast as hell on his feet and on the draw of his Colt Model AMT 5000. Chad’s the muscle of the group.

Brainstorm - Techie, he handles the technical difficulties of the group keeps the cameras, equipment and anything else inorganic running.

Cleo Gates - Medtech. She keeps everyone alive and their holes plugged. Not like that.

The Drug Bust Sponsored by Good Time Detox Clinic

Strawberry, the only honest cop in Night City wanted them to record him doing a drug bust as an advertisement for a free (if you bring friends) detox clinic called Good Times Detox.

They met in Joe’s Diner in the East Marina. Strawberry fills them in on the job between bites of prepak burgers and drags of a cigarette. They’re busting a warehouse of Wild Things, and Channel 69 is to record and back him up. They agree for the 5,000eb payday.

They walked the streets to the warehouse there was 3 gaurds outside. 2 at the main door 1 down south smoking at a side door. Strawberry draws his gun, but before he could say anything Chad Wolfe demanded they stand down and get on the ground. [Using his Authority skill] One looked to the other confused as if to ask “Do we listen?” they took too long however, and Chad shot one bullet hitting his left leg causing him to flip and land right on his head.

Combat on, everyone draws their weapons. Chad pops 2 rounds in to the torso of the 2nd guy in the warehouse door stunning him and begins to move into the warehouse. Strawberry takes off running into the warehouse firing off some shots at unseen gangers, as glass shatters outwards towards him along with some bullets.

Brainstorm takes up cover on a wall as Geneva readies her camera behind Cleo who drew her Dai Long Streetmaster and readied to shoot anyone in her line of sight.

A ganger who was haivng a smoke came up from the south and shot at Brainstorm. Headshot, instantly killing him. The blood splashed on Cleo who turned and fired off 2 shots, missing both. The ganger ran back down the alley with Cleo following.

Geneva moves to get a better (camera) shot as Chad executed the stunned 2nd ganger then sprints and jumps through the security office window firing a shot directly to the brain of the security operator who shot as Strawberry. Speaking of, he was hiding behind a forklift taking shots at another ganger in an office to the east of where Chad just jumped into.

There was another ganger in the security room who fired and missed, Chad returned the favor with 2 shots to the torso as he reloaded and prepared to clear the next room. Shots kept ringing outside as Cleo and her ganger where firing at each other, to little success.

Chad threw the door open deeper into the office section of the warehouse and found someone gaurding the main entrace. Chad snuck up ending his life with one to the back of the head and moved to the south opening a door. He saw a ganger aiming down the hallway the opposite way of him. He fired a second shot and got him in the back of the neck.

At that moment another ganger came running in, Chad didn’t have time to react before Cleo appeared and popped 2 shots into the gangers back killing him as he slid towards Chad. “Fucking finally” she complained as she reloaded. They began to hear some yelling from inside a nearby closet. Cleo threw the door open as Chad cleared it with his Colt Model AMT 2000. Inside was Brainstorm wearing generic ganger leathers. “How did you get in here?” Chad asks “and when did you put those clothes on?” Brainstorm stretched after being untied “I don’t know what you’re talking about” [Brainstorms lifepath had 2 twin brothers, so we’re doing Twin Magic today] and grabbed a BudgetArms C-13 from the nearby corpse.

While this was happening Geneva was filming Strawberyy bolting between covers, taking out 2 more gangers and spotted Chad through the 2nd office window that Strawberry had shot out previously. She tried jumping through to get a better shot but ended up tripping over the window frame faceplanting. Recovering quickly she posted up behind Chad and Cleo. Chad kicked the door open and fired off 2 bullets into the crates directly infront of the door causing some yelping from behind them.

At this point a voice shouted “Alright, we yield. What do you want?” Strawberry informed them they where under arrest as Chad also shouted to throw down their guns. Guns clatter to the ground as they get rounded up. Strawberry is then interviewed by Geneva in front of the subdued gangers, as he does the advertisement. He end with “Remember, Strawberry cares. Until you make me not” As he gestures towards some of the dead. During the interview Chad and Brainstorm take a bunch of synth coke from the ganger’s stores.

They get their money and Geneva heads off to edit the footage and put together a screamsheet advertising the video segment on Channel 69’s video feed. They end the day richer, and with some reputation but one that may come back to haunt them if they find themselves in Wild Things territory again.

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