Design Diary 2: The Spellist

Hello! It’s May already?? Damn time flies!

I have been hard at work with life and the projects I talked about in the 2023 update.

I am hoping to get one of the two OSR classes out by June. It will be The Grenadier, as I have the art and general class design done and just need to do layout.

The meat of this blog post is spells for Project 3d6 Fantasy! There are two spellcasting classes in the main game, the one with a more generic fantasy roleplaying setting.

With the spellcasting system you can also bring your own spell lists! OSR spell lists work best, as OSR games where the main inspiration. But enough babbling let’s look at the spells!

Mage Spell List

Magic Blast – Magical burst of energy, auto hits the opponent and take the highest damage die.

Read Language – Can read a specified language for Level x Dungeon Turns

Sleep – Put every living creature in a 30’ radius to sleep if they fail their Save vs Wisdom.

Embed Message – Relay a message via any object at specified conditions. Add -1 to Magic roll for every condition over 3.

Charm – Causes a lawful being to treat you as a beloved friend if they fail their Save vs Wisdom. They may reroll their save 1x per day.

Floating Bucket – A magical floating bucket that follows the caster and can hold up to 50 Slots of Encumberence. Reroll this check with a +1 Target Number for every Dungeon Turn x Level.

Light – Produce light as a lantern for 4xLevel Dungeon Turns.

Lock Up – Magically shut a door, gate, window or shutter. Negated by a Dispel Magic or Open Up spell.

Illusion – Create an illusion of an object, person, or whatever you wish. Static illusions encur no penalty to the Spell Roll. anything larger than a Human takes a -1 penalty per foot of height and width Sound adds a -1 penalty, Animation adds another -1

Speak Language – Speak any language, including monstrous languages for 1 hour x Level

Fireball – Throw an exploding fireball causing Highest damage die in a 30’ radius

Lightning Strike – Strike a foe with a bolt of lightning dealing Highest damage die, arcing between metal armored combatants in a 10’ radius

Cold Spray – Spray a 15’ cone of ice dealing Middle damage die

Open Up – Unlock a door locked by magical or mundane means

Commune with Demons – Bribe a Demon or Devil to assist you for 1xLevel Dungeon Turns

Mirage – Magical illusions form around the target, giving them a +2 Defense for Rounds equal to Caster Level

Fear – Cause the target unending fear, rendering them hysterical in an unending panic attack if they fail their Save vs Wisdom. They can save again 1x per day.

Skin of Stone – Harden the targets skin into stone, giving them a +2 defense and increasing their weight 2x

Thunder Fist – Enchant the targets hands with electricity granting +2 Electrical damage

Boil the Bastard – Heat up the target’s blood for Highest damage if unwounded Middle damage if wounded if the target fails a Save vs Intelligence

Jagged Joints – Form magi-crystals within the targets joints reducing their range of motion giving them a -2 to Initiative and Attack rolls for LevelxRounds

Foot Pad – Forms magical energy around the targets feet giving them a +1 to their Thievery roll

Find Them – Learn the general location of someone, provided you have something that has been in contact with them such as hair, a blanket, etc.

Speech to Salt – Turn the targets tongue into a pillar of salt if they fail their Save vs Intelligence. Also known as “Mage Bane”

Blind – Form a magical darkness around the targets eyes if they fail Save vs Wisdom. This lasts for LevelxDungeon Turns

Portal – Form a magical portal that can last for up to Level x Dungeon Turns and can be set to anywhere the Mage has stayed for 3 days. Portal length must be determined before casting and in units of Dungeon Turns.

Encase – Manipulate the earth to form a stone shell in a 30’ radius.

Lighten Load – Decrease a target’s weight to that of a feather for Level x Dungeon Turns

Repair – Restore a recently damaged item to it’s pre-damaged state

Manipulate Lashing – Manipulate objects such as rope, string, thread, leather straps, etc

Turn to Spider – Target grows an additional 4 limbs (Or however many to get 8) and gains the ability to walk on vertical surfaces and shoot sticky webs from the orifice of their choice for Level x Dungeon Turns

Cleric Spell List

Level 1

Light Cure – Heal 1d6+1 damage.

Shield of Faith – Adds +2 to Defense for 5 Dungeon Turns + Level. Does not stack.

Turn Undead – Cause Undead to flee in terror, or get destroyed if the Cleric rolls 14 or higher on ther Magic roll. Undead are turned for 3d6 take Highest Rounds, if Destruction is possibleThe Undead must make a Save vs Wisdom, take lowest Die

Detect Evil – Detects any Chaotic creature, item or magic in the immediate area.

Holy Weapon – Turns any weapon into a Magic Weapon for 2xLevel Dungeon Turns

Level 2

Holy Hammer – Summon a floating magic hammer to follow and be controleld by the Cleric for LevelxRounds. Damage is Middle Dice, and gets +2 To Hit

Purify Food and Water – Make food and water safe to eat

Protection from Evil – Gain protection from Evil creatures natural abilities Resist Cold – Gain protection from Cold based afflictions

Level 3

Turn to Snake – Turn any elongated object into a snake

Remove Fear – Removes the Fear curse

Calm – Puts the target in a very calm emotional state

Medium Cure – Heal 1d6+2

Level 4

Holy Fury – Blessed with a fury, gain +2 Attack

Banish – Banish beings back to their realm. Does not work on beings from this realm.

Resist Heat – Gain protection from Heat based afflictions

Level 5

Create Holy Water – Turn any pool of water into Holy Water

Neutralize Poison – Neutralizes the poison in the targets veins

Level 6

Angel – The Cleric can summon an Angel to assist them for LevelxDungeonTurn

Heavy Cure - Heal 1d6+3

Level 7

Remove Curse – Remove a curse placed upon someone

Speak with Deity – Speak directly to your diety for 1 Round

Level 8

Safe Passage – Create a doorway to anywhere within Levelx100 feet of the cleric

Level 9

Consecrate – Create a 15ft radius circle of concencrated ground beneath your feet, destroying lesser undead and keeping stronger undead at bay

Level 10

Miracle – The Cleric can perform a miracle such as raising someone from the dead


Thanks for reading today’s blog post, I hope those spells make you look forward to Project 3d6 Fantasy! Maybe I’ll have a name by the time it’s finished! Have a great rest of your day and see you again soon.

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