Redd Judge Solo Play: Junk in the Trunk

Hello! Back again with more Redd Judge solo play. Hopefully you’re enjoying reading this series as much as I am playing and making it! Today we’re running a case from Case Files 001 and we are also using my new supplement Solo Shift for the oracling. I’ve had so much fun I just needed to create stuff for the game. Definitely making a case file supplemennt! Let’s get to the action.

Havel’s helmet comms crackle to life “Havel, we got a code 145 we need you to respond to. Car jacking on Bronson Block” “Roger that. On my way”. Havel finishes his Jacked Judge Energy Drink, crushes the can, and tosses it into an nearby garbage can. Littering is a crime after all. [How far away is Havel? 6. 5 Minutes away] Jumping onto his RIDE bike he peels out of the bodega.

Coming onto the scene he sees the witness sitting bloody on the sidewalk. He barks at the victim asking about the car, and gets a reply from a bloody lip. [Can Havel still see the jacked car? 2. No] Havel gets the direction they where traveling and drives off once again. The man tried saying something else but Havel couldn’t understand due to the injuries.

[Can Havel catch up? Normal Drive Check. 4, no] Havel weaves through the street but can’t find any car matching the description. “Control, need a location on that car.” [Can control find the car? No] “Negative. No more reports” Swearing to himself he looks around for anyone that could have been paying attention. [Does he find anyone? 5. Yes] Pulling over to a group of teenagers watching traffic, throwing glass bottles into it and watching them explode. Squealing to a stop the kids seemed unimpressed. “You seen this car go by?” [Did they? 6. Yes] “Yeah we did” the oldest one replies “Heading towards the parking garage on 8th street.” Havel nods his head in appreciation and cuts through a nearby ally.

Emerging from the ally he spots the car, barreling down the street. Havel yells at them to stop over his RIDE intercom. [Do they stop? 4. Yes, but Complication. Complication: Havel doesn’t see why they’re stopping]. He pulls out onto the street and begins to ride to their stopped car as they all pile out and crouch behind the car. A car smashes into Havel, t-boning his RIDE bike. Havel flies over the hood of the car bouncing off the roof. [Did Havel take any damage? 2. No] Using the momentum from the hit Havel lands in a roll and draws his BEAST. Steeling himself he bellows “CEASE EVERYTHING AND STAND DOWN”. They ignore him as the other car inhabitants get out. They all have shotguns and assault rifles. They start to fire. [Hard Athletics Check for Havel to duck behind a parked car. 4, No]

[2 Gun Checks. 4 ,5. 1 hit. Havel has 5 hp left.] Havel takes a burst to the back as he makes his way into some cover. Both groups are shooting at each other, with 2 keeping Havel suppressed. Havel activates his rebreather, pulls the pin on a Gas Grenade and tosses it over his cover. [Easy Athletics Check. 6. Success] He hears coughing and the ceasing of gunfire. Sliding over the hood of his protective car he sprints towards his assailants. He fires his gun at the first [Easy Gun Check. 5. Hit] spraying a mist from the back of his head. Havel holsters his beast, rolls over the fallen assault rifle into a crouch. [Easy Gun Check. 2. Miss] He pulls the trigger but the gun jams. Street-tier bullshit always does. [Can the remaining man on this side of the vehicle react to Havel? 1. No] Havel bursts towards the man and swings the rifle like a club [Easy Melee Check. 5. Hit] , the stock battering the mans face and destroying his jaw.

At this point the original crims have fought through the coughing and opened fire on the 2nd group once again. [Does Havel notice anything during all this? Easy Notice. 6.] Being closer to them all Havel sees that they’re all wearing the same synth-leather vests. Why the hell would members of the same gang be shooting each other? No time. Getting his senses back he orders his RIDE bike to drive itself around the car, as a distraction. [Did it work? 5. Yes] The original group begin firing at the bike before realizing it had no one riding it. Havel zooms past the corpses of the remainder of the 2nd group of crims, launches himself off the trunk of the car and [Melee Skill. 6. Success, critical] delivers a devastating flying knee to the back of the neck of one the 3 remaining crims. The crim crumples as Havel draws his hammer. “STAND DOWN!” Hammer roars as he gives his gauss hammer some test swings as the electromagnets warm up. [Does this intimidate the crims? 5. Yes] The crims throw their pistols down and beg Havel to have mercy. Havel powers his hammer down and re-sheaths it.

Using his 2 pairs of handcuffs he handcuffs the remaining crims who, he learns from their IDs, are named Puke and Kale. Havel interrogates them about why they jacked the car. [Do they answer? 6. Yes] They inform him they are both currently on Kek, a drug that fills the system with a large amount of adrenaline. They also confess they lost a lot of Kek, provoking the ire of their gang leader Crake Juveline. “Explains why gang members where shooting each other” Havel thought. Suddenly, a banging comes from the trunk of the car. “What’s is that?” Havel demands of Kale. “It’s’s the owner of the car.” Havel raises his eyebrow, a motion unseen by Kale. “Was there another person in the car?” Kale sighs and confirms there was 2, but had thrown the other man out. Havel opens the trunk and sees a battered man bound and gagged. He appeared to have used his leaking head to do the banging. Havel unbounds him and calls a med-team. Afterwards Havel crouches next to the crims on the ground and growls in their ears “You’re going to tell me everything you know about this Crake Juveline. Now.”

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