Redd Judge Solo Play: Shots fired on Oakley Parker

Welcome to another adventure of Judge Havel! This is a solo series where we play as a judge in the Redd Judge system by my friend Felbrigg. We’re also going to be using the Scarlet Heroes general oracle. All text in [brackets] will be game mechanics related.

“Control this is Havel. Responding to the code: 130 on Okaley Parker Block.”

Havel’s comms cut out, the roar of his bike replacing it in his ears.

He arrives at the complex within the hour. He quickly examines the mega-apartment complex.

[Rolling a Normal Investigate skill check. 1]

Seeing nothing wrong so far he ascends to the 16th floor using the elevator in the lobby.

[Are there a bunch of people near the apartment? 19. Yes]

He quickly finds the apartment where the body was found, as a small crowd had formed. Declaring a crime scene he clears the people away and walks into the apartment. He sees a dead latino man, of about 70 years old, sitting on the couch.

[Was the man killed with a melee weapon? 6. No. Gun it is]

Examing the man Havel sees 3 bullet holes in his gut and chest region. The window in the living room is also busted out.

[Another Normal Investigation Check. 6. Success]

The window is busted out, meaning they exited that way and did not enter. Havel climbs out of the window and onto the fire escape. He notices that there is a shell casing on the stairs leading up. Following up to the roof he doesn’t see any other signs of any apartment being broken into.

[Is there anyone on the roof? 15. Yes] [Rolling for NPC on Scarlet Heros npcs generator 1d8 4 1d10 4. Exquisit dancer]

Finally hitting the roof Havel sees a scantily clad woman dancing for a group of people.


[Checking response. 13 Yes, but]

The crowd stays silent as Havel eyes them, his stony gaze rendering them uneasy

[Is the murderer here? 11. Yes. Does she shoot at Havel? 6. Yes.]

The crim, sitting in the crowd pulls his handgun as Havel’s eyes meet his. Havel sets his jaw.

[Hard Athletics Check to see if Havel can dodge before the trigger is pulled. 4. Fail]

Criminal pulls the trigger [Easy Gun Skill Check. 4. Yes]. The gun barks and Havel is knocked back from the force of the shot hitting his shoulder.

The crim starts running for the electric cables that connect all of the buildings. Havel uses his backwards momentum to roll on his back, right back to his feet and gives chase.

[Normal Athletic Skill check. Both fail]

The crim is sprinting with Havel not being able to catch up. “STOP OR BE ELIMINATED, CRIMINAL!” He shouts as he unholsters his BEAST handgun.

Giving a rude gesture the crim takes off his belt and jumps off the roof, using his belt as an impromptu zip line. Havel gets to the roofs edge and fires.

[Hard Gun Skill Check. 5, failure]

The shot misses the man and hits the plasticrete of the neighboring building. Cursing Havel yells for one of the citizens to give him a belt. One complies and he begins his own zip line journey

The improvisational crim busts through a window at the end of the line. Havel sees some flashes and hears thunder. Dammit. There’s not going to a cell for this man. Havel quickly judges his momemtum and releases the belt trying to angle himself to burst through a window on the floor below the crim.

[Hard Athletics Check. 4. Fail]

Havel lets loose a little too late, while he bursts through where he wanted he clipped his thighs on the windowsill causing him to crash face first through the apartment window and landing on his head. [He took 1 point of damage] Shaking the cobwebs free Havel runs for the stairs, ignoring the screams of the resident.

[Does Havel meet the crim? Opposing Athletics Check. Havel succeeds, Crim doesn’t]

Kicking the door of the stairs in Havel almost runs directly into the criminal. Being within arms reach Havel decides to try throwing him down the stairs. [Normal Melee Check. 4. Fail] The crim slips Havel’s grip and fires his gun before leaping down the stairs [Easy Gun Check. 6. Success, 2, points of damage]. Havel’s hit in the helmet this time and is feeling on the brink of unconsciousness and decides he needs to end this or get ended.

He quickly draws his gauss hammer off his back and jumps the railing aiming for the crim. [Normal Athletics. 5. Success] Landing on top of the crim, they tumble down the stairs. Havel is up first and swings his hammer at the prone crim [Easy Melee Skill. 6. Success] the electro-magnets enhancing the power of his swing he squashes the head of the crim like a pumpkin.

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