Redd Judge Solo Play: Street Dealing Never Pays

Today we’re going to start a Solo Play series, chronicling Judge Havel. A judge in the Redd Judge system by my friend Felbrigg. I actually did the voice for Havel in a short promoting the game and thought it would be fun to see how that crime actually went. We’re also going to be using the Scarlet Heroes general oracle. All text in [brackets] will be game mechanics related.

Judge Havel checks his bike feed for any nearby crim’s to deal with. Starr Wall, drug deal. Caucasion in his 30-40s in a blue shirt. Reporter is a witness by the name of Walker Harvey. Control, this is Havel. Responding to the 4-30 at Starr Wall Block, give me a 10-85 on Walker Harvey." He revs his RIDE bike and speeds off.

It’s raining, typical. Rain beads off Havel’s helmet at he navigates the streets. He arrives at his location to find Harvey. Havel waves him down and jogs up to him. “Citizen. Judge Havel, responding to the street dealing report. Where is he?” he asks with his rough gravely voice.

[Let’s roll to see if Harvey saw where the man went. Using the Scarlet Heroes General Oracle. 1. So no]

“I-I don’t know! I saw him deal some Sludge to a man in the alley back there but didn’t see where he went”. Havel took the buyers description and waved Harvey off and went to investigate the alley.

[Rolling to see if the man is still there. 20. Yes.]

Havel walks into the alley and sees the man from Harvey’s description. Long unkempt hair, pale and wearing ratty clothes. Typical sludge addict. Havel approaches the man and picks him up by the cuff of his ratty coat. “Who sold you the Sludge? This is not a question citizen.”

[The streets are rough. Rolling to see if the man is armed. 15. Yes he is. Does he draw the weapon? 6. No, but a complication.]

Fear and relief passes along the mans face. If the judge only wants his dealer then he is safe. Through slurred speech he replies “Yyeh ofcourse yasee he wentinto tha subwaysir judge”. Havel throws the man onto the ground and cuffs him. He calls for his RIDE bike. A moment passes and it comes down the alley. Havel tests him with the Breathalyser. Sludge. He throws the man onto the bike and instructs him to stay there. Havel runs to the subway.

Glancing around Havel quickly sees the dealer. Pale blue shirt and jeans with a green mohawk. Havel mentally notes his disdain for the hairstyle as he approaches the man from behind. “CITIZEN!” he bellows as he approaches “YOU ARE UNDER ARREST. DO NOT RESIST!”.

[Does the man run? 15. Yes.]

The man turns and sees the judge, and begins to book it.

[Now using Redd Judge’s mechanics we are going to do an opposed Athletics check of a Normal difficulty. Havel got a 4 from his +1 due to taking Athletics as one of his skills. The Crim got a 3 so they both failed.]

Both Havel and the Crim are getting their movement interupted with trash and other people getting in their way. The Crim runs into a waist high bench, flipping over. He scrambles to his feet as Havel decides to take him down. Drawing his BEAST Handgun he takes a bead and fires.

[Gun skill check of Normal difficulty. 5 overall so a success]

The BEAST roars as the shot rings true and the crim lay dead in the subway. People are running trying to clear the area as Havel walks to inspect his kill.

He activates his helmet comms “Control, this is Havel. Suspect is down. in the Starr Block subway. Have another in custody. Heading to the precint to drop off the latter” he says as he walks back to his bike. Another crime stopped.

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