Call of Cthulu 4e Solo Play: The Mad Man Part 1

Hello! It’s October so it’s only appropriate to run some Call of Cthulu. I’m running 4th edition, as I had a pdf on my harddrive. THe latest edition is 7th however, and you can get it from Drivethrurpg using my affiliate

Enough preamble, time to dive in!

Charlie lights a cigarette as the bus pulls into Jenning, Vermont. He grabs his suitcase and steps into the street. “Let’s see..Ah yeah. May’s Diner.” He quickly spots the diner in which he was to meet his employer for this case. Harry Werner, head of the local post office. The diner had a sign shaped like a coffee cup with May’s Diner painted in cursive on it, building looked worn yet sturdy. Taking his hat off as he entered the diner Charlie was greeted by the smell of burgers and a young waitress. Name tag read “Julia”, she had dark brown curls that hit the shoulder of her light blue uniform. Smiling in greeting Charlie asked her if she’d seen Mr Werner, Julia confirmed and walked him to a corner booth in which a disheveled man with a few days stubble and graying hair sat at smoking and drinking coffee. “Afternoon, Harry. Charles Jackson.” He reached to shake the mans hand which was accepted after a moment. “Hey Charles..Harry. Harry Werner.” The mans looking downright apprehensive, and that he hasn’t slept in days. “Please, call me Charlie. I’d like to get right down to seem like you could use some good news. Tell me about this man that attacked your postal worker.” “He attacked me!” Harry exclaimed as he finished his cigarette. “The madman tried to grab me and take me to one of his damned rituals!”

Charlie finished his own cigarette and made a motion indicating Harry to calm down “I know this is difficult but please you have to stay calm if you want me to do my job efficiently.” [Rolling Fast Talk. 64, success] “Yeah..yeah ok sorry Charlie.” Harry proceeded to tell of various rumors of things that the man, named Harny Reginald has done beside physically attacking Harry. Harry also tells of man-sized crawdads and a bonfire atop Harny’s mountain each Friday. It was currently Thursday, Charlie thanked the bus drivers good timing. “I think I’ll go talk with Mr Reginald and see what I can find ou-” “What!? Where you not listening!” Harry yelled as he punctuated his sentence by slamming his fist on the table “I’m paying you to find out what kind of blasphemous rituals he is partaking in, not befriending him!” Charlie lit another cigarette and stared at Harry cooly “Now, you pay me to do my job. I won’t have you telling me how to go about it. I’ll speak with the man and I’ll still get your answers, got it?” Harry nodded and informed Charlie of where Harny lived.

After lunch and checking into his hotel Charlie checked his pocket watch. 4pm. Still some daylight left. He paid a taxi to take him to Reginald’s house. It was about 4 miles north of Jenning and the cabin could generously be called a cottage. Charlie wasn’t generous. Getting out of the cab he told the driver to wait and keep the meter running as he walked to the door and gave a friendly knock. A few moments pass and a man, presumably Harny, answers the door. His dark hair spilling past his ears and a coarse bushy beard making his face look puffy. The mans eyes seemed to be looking through Charlie rather than at him and darted around anxiously. “Evening Mr Reginald. Names Charles, you can call me Charlie. I’m a private dick looking into some issues around here. Heard you got into a fight with the postman. That true?” An aloof smile cracked Harney’s face. “Ah, yis soory ‘bout that jus’ a misundstandin” the malodorous stench of cheap whisky filled the space between the men. “Ah I see..well I’ve also heard you’ve been making weekly bonfires. Another misunderstanding?” “Ah, that’s fo’ M’ new friends. They knaow mo’ than them perferssers, M’crops hevn’t failed since I met ’em” “New friends? Who may they be?” “They c’mout at night.”

Charlie gave a smile, not believing it’s been this easy. “Mind if I stay till nightfall then? I’d love to meet th-” “Get the hell off my property!” The drunkenness seemingly gone from Harny’s voice, and disturbingly it sounded as if two people where talking at once. “Whoah now hol-” “I SAID GIT” Harny threw a punch, Charlie tried dodging [Dodge roll (Dex*2) 44. Fail.] but took it right on the chin. [1d3 damage. 3] Stumbling back from the blow Charlie scrambled back towards the cab yelling at the driver to get ready. As he jumped in they sped off back towards Jenning.

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