Campaign Catchup 1: The Amalin Campaign

Hello! Welcome to the first Campaign Catchup. The purpose of these posts is to catch you all up with my games in a somewhat concise format.

This is for The Amalin Campaign, a Basic Fantasy RPG campaign that takes place in the world of Amalin.

This post will cover their first adventure, and a bit of their second for a total of around 5 sessions.

The Party

No’nac Sslag - Elf Magic-User

Tobleah - Dwarf Cleric

Dee Pious - Elf Magic-User/Thief

Knat Naim - Human Fighter

Humble Beginnings

The Party had found themselves in the village of Keyton in the borderlands of The Republic of Elloth. Looking for ways to sell their skills they heard that a local councilman is paying for some adventurers to retrieve a family heirloom crossbow that was stolen by some nearby kobolds. Jumping at the nice payday they eagerly accept, but are warned that two locals, Jack and Remi, had already went out to retrieve it. Not wanting to waste time they set out immediately.

About an hours travel away they came upon the entrance to the underground cave the kobolds have made their home. Dee checked out the entrance and the door and found no traps. However he noticed a trip wire that had been recently trampled. They heard banging echoing from within.

They descended the cramped stairwell as the banging intensified. Dee sneaked further to the edge of the lantern light, hoping his elf eyes would pierce the darkness. Inside the room on the south wall was four kobolds attempting to get into a room, hitting it with their weapons. Dee gave an impromptu hand signal for everyone to get ready as he launched his attack.

One kobold dropped from his arrow, as Knat leaped down the stairs and brought his pickax through the skull of another. No’nac launched a crossbow bolt but it stuck into the door. Tobleah took a defensive position at the bottom of the stairs. The remaining two kobolds ran into the darkness. Not wanting to risk losing them No’nac cast Light on them as Knat and Dee gave chase. Stunned by the light cast in their faces the kobolds ran into each other causing them to stumble. Knat quickly tied them up and hauled them back to the main room.

Tobleah knocked gently on the door and let the inhabitants know that he was friendly. The door unlocked and within the storage closet sat two young adults. A handsome shaggy blonde haired man named Jack and a curly red haired woman named Remi. They introduced themselves, told Tobleah they had gotten in over their heads. Tobleah noted that they had weapons on them, Jack a sword and Remi a bow. Tobleah told them to wait outside and they’d escort them back to town later. They decided to head back themselves, to which Tobleah wished them good luck

Going deeper into the dungeon they interrogated the kobolds. Through means of charade they gathered there was a Kobold Chief here and that he is very big. They spotted a tunnel and followed it. They noted the floor was covered in straw, and came to an impromptu barrier. Realization hit them as Dee whispered “It’s a fire trap!”. Luckily, those behind the barrier did not hear them as they retreated. One of their two kobolds prisoners pointed them towards a secret passage after some threats to get around it. Sneakily they moved through the tunnel. At the end they began to see light. Dee went ahead and saw the big kobold, wearing lots of jewelry and barking orders. Sometimes literally. Dee looked back the party who gave the signal to fire.

Dee’s shot rang true, taking the Kobold Chief right in the eye ending his miserable life. The rest of the party flooded in and felled the kobold warriors who where supposed to be protecting the Chief. The rank and file kobolds immediately submitted. Dee and Knat began taking everything they could find, including jewelry, coin and the crossbow. No’nac took the chief’s crown and tossed it to the kobold who helped him, gesturing that he is the chief now. He also gave some orders that the kobolds are not to bother the town or any big people anymore and that he will be back. Chief nodded and began having his new subjects bury the corpses so they won’t smell up the place.

On the way out they noticed a side room, that had some new bricks in it. Dee pushed one and the wall collapsed showing them some hidden treasure. Within was a strange wooden mask with tusks, some silver, and a map to some treasure.

The party went to turn the crossbow in and get paid. No’nac looked over the map as they drank with their new riches and saw it wasn’t too far from the kobold’s place. After resting the next day they bought some kegs of ale, and a barrel of salted meat. They went back to the kobolds and gave those barrels to them, telling them there are more. No’nac spent the day trying to learn their language as the rest of the party went to grab the treasure.

Within the treasure, buried under a tree, they found a magical rod and some gold. They picked up No’nac and went back to town.

The Warlock’s Tower

Resting up another day the party headed out to find the location of the map.

They traveled a few hours into a nearby forest and heard a bunch of deer running the opposite direction of where they where going. Weird they thought but they pressed on. As they got closer they saw a looming tower. Arriving in the evening the checked the place out. The tower had a courtyard with a well, a half-collapsed building and two buildings that appeared in decent shape.

Investigating the half collapsed building they found a lockbox and a trap door buried under some rubble. Dee picked the lockbox, but got stabbed by a needle for his trouble. Lucky for him the old poison had lost it’s bite long ago. Collecting himself he opened the box and was rewarded with some silver and gems.

Next they investigated the well, noticing something odd about a section of the wall. Dee offered to go check it out. Tying a rope around his waist the others lowered him down. Removing the poorly patterned stones Dee got some more gold and some fancy jewelry.

As darkness approached they decided to camp in one of the stable buildings for the night.

Morning came, and they went to investigate the tower. Dee poked his head into the door and inside he saw to giant bats. Deciding to deal with them later Dee decided to scale the tower to the second floor. Making the climb he began to sneak around the top. As he was opening a door, something slashed his leg. Turning to find a small gray creature with disproportionally large eyes. Drawing his dagger he quickly butchered the creature before it could do more damage.

Dee explored the rest of the top of the tower, finding a stash of gold. He went back out of the same window and descended down. The party decided to head back to town to buy more supplies before fighting the bats.

Getting back the next day the party finds a bunch of kobolds outside. They quickly slaughter them and find none other than Jack in the building they slept in two nights ago. Jack tells them Remi tried going down the well but fell. Dee decides to once again get lowered down. He sees Remi clutching her bow and crying. As she notices him she makes a gesture for him to be quiet, scanning the room Dee notices some skeletons walking about. Dee motions for her to come to him, as she does she alerts the skeletons. Dee yells to get ready as she jumps into his arms, the party quickly brought them to safety.

Deciding they could use the man power they bring on Jack and Remi as part of the party. Jack being a level 1 fighter and Remi a level 1 thief.


Hope you enjoyed this months Campaign Catchup, I tried to keep it from getting too long! Next month we will finish the Warlock’s tower and dip into the Grapevalley saga!

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