Happy New Year and 2023 Plans

Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas or whatever Holiday(s) you celebrate where fantastic and I hope you got to spend them with those you love the most. I hope 2023 is as propserous and as busy as mine is looking to be!

As usual I will link to any available product I mention using my DTRPG Affiliate link.

New Projects

New Fantasy Ruleset

The past month or two I have been working on a compeletely new fantasy rule set. Why am I doing this over another OSR game? As much as I love the OSR I also love other games too! In fact alongside my main Basic Fantasy RPG game I am running a Vampire The Masquerade game set in the 1990s using the Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition,and an OpenD6 Bloodshadows game. Not to mention I am playing in an Atomic Punk 2160 Westmarches style game, a Lex Arcana game and a Savage Worlds game in which we are playing Warhammer 40k Orkz. My gaming schedule is quite busy!

My goal with this system is to have some rules for fast paced fantasy gameplay. The powerlevel is a bit above OSR, a test fight I did using some Skeletons had a level 1 fighter take down 8 of them before dying. You see the game is based around not gaining HP, so it stays quite deadly. It’s currently in Beta and text only. I have secured someone to do the layout and I am doing the art myself in pixel art style since that is my most competent of art styles.

Dwarf art preview

It will be priced at $5 and all profit[1] from it will go to fund supplements. I am planning to release a setting book, and some advanced rules including new classes, spells, and optional rules at the very least.

[1] Assuming I make profit that is :P


You love I love giving things away for free. I have at least 1 new adventure, and 2 new classes for OSR games that I am planning to release Pay What You Want (which is effectively free ;D).

The adventure will be based in a small corner of my home setting, Amalin, in the country of Kyoko. Somethings driving the once peaceful beastmen to terrorize the trade routes and it must be dealt with.

The classes are classes that I use in my home game made for some specific player characters. The Gambler, utilizing chance to increase his abilities and a master of pushing his luck. Alongside The Grenadier, mad scientist of blood and powder, she utilizes black powder weapons, engineering, and a touch of insanity to bring her creations to life and her opponents to death.

The Blog and Youtube Channel

I have unfortunately neglected my Youtube channel the past few months. Which is probably not a great idea considering it’s my only source of advertisement since I don’t use social media.. but I hope to get back into a routine of posting at least once a month

I have been slightly more active on the blog here with play reports. I hope to write some more for it this year totally 2 posts a month. A roundup of my campaigns and some thoughts on whatever project I’m working on, one shot I ran, or whatever I’m thinking about regarding RPGs.

Of Schedules & Socials

I can’t guarantee I will be able to consistently provide updates as measured above. I will try my hardest but 2023 is going to be a pretty busy year on top of my normal schedule. I am getting married to my fiance of 1 year, and buying a house! I normally don’t talk about my personal life here and I probably won’t much more beyond some vague allusions.

But on top of the wedding, and upcoming house maintenance I also work a full time job (who doesn’t?), run a non tabletop related business, and of course slotting some relaxation time. The projects will be prioritized as I would rather you have gameable content.

Social Media, I have never been one for this. Feels weird talking about my thoughts and feelings of mundane things. I have a fiance, family and close friends for this. But alas it’s almost required to get your stuff out there. Youtube has been my only outlet but I may have to expand. Being a lover of FOSS software I am considering running my own Pleroma instance to access The Fediverse. A lot of bigger servers defederate other servers for posting things they don’t like and if I liked having things I can see decided by another person I wouldn’t be hosting this website, my own email server, etc like a madman. This of course doesn’t cover things in which are illegal in the United States of America, of which some Fediverse instances are allowed to post since they’re hosted elsewhere. If I ran my own server it would be a single user server, sorry if you wanted to join in. I don’t want to add hosting a service other people use on top of my busy schedule and I know I wont be mad if the server goes down a few days.

I am also hesitantly considering Twitter, so long as the asinine phone number requirement was removed..but I am very apprenhensive here as a lot of my friends who are creators in the RPG Space have a lot of conversations with unreasonably aggressive people who simply want to shout insults and grab screenshots to post on their timeline as “LOL LOOK HOW MAD THIS GUY IS” which I find unproductive at best, and a headache at worst.

Anyways, this was quite long and I hope you enjoyed if you read to this point. More stuff to come, contact me via email as usual if you want to talk about anything. Thank you for reading, watching and gaming. Cya.

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